On September 29, Marcell Shehwaro, Thomas Pierret and Bjørn Olav Utvik will speak on a panel titled 'Misreading Syria: Sectarian Secularism'. We have collected a few articles which are relevant to the topic of this panel. We do recommend these articles to better understand the nature of the Assad state and the Syrian conflict today.

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In September 2015, the Syrian Peace Action Centre (SPACE) organized ‘The Question of Syria’ — a three-day event of panel discussions and film screenings about resistance, art and revolution in Syria, introducing the works of Syrian artists, intellectuals and cultural actors. The Question of Syria tried to explain the Syrian cause in a common cultural language that demystifies the increasingly complex political landscape through highlighting underreported alternative narratives of the struggle, closer to the aspirations of the Syrian people. The overarching messages of this event were to portray the ongoing, multifaceted Syrian uprising, to introduce the alternative democratic forces in Syria and to provide a forum for interested public in Norway to engage in and reflect on the Question of Syria.

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